14 ابريل 2024

My knowledge and Culture project

My knowledge and culture project was launched in 2017 in order to provide care for  the creative people  particularly the orphaned children  in various creative field, so as to contribute in crystallizing their talent and launching it to more humanitarian fields  to form a civilized front for our Palestinian community through  different corners of  Alwe'am cultural center  as literature , fine arts, painting, IT fields in addition to giving gifts for the creative students in different fields .  This program aims to graduate talented  people and encourage them to participate in local and international competitions  where lots of them got gifts on the local level.

First:  Science and knowledge – the Library

It is a corner that address mind and soul and not represented by reading only but it extends to be a giving corner plant knowledge and skills in the minds of children  and increase the  cognitive outcome through organizing specialized courses as:

  • Short story course

This course aims to enable children who love reading short stories and hope to be one of its writer where the course provide them with elements of short story and how to write story in a modern style.

  • Creative writing and poetry course


This course give who love writing poetry and prose a chance to achieve their goals to be small writer and poets where this course enable them to have the basic of creative writing and poetry and become children have ability to write with modern words that appears in Alwea'am Magazine "4".


Second:  Painting and fine art


This field where child live in his imagination and his creative thoughts and draw them by his  brush on white areas. This corner delivered pioneers in painting and Calligraphy and embodying all beautiful things, we implemented many of specialized courses to develop their talent:

  • Calligraphy course

By this course, children learn the basic of calligraphy and become able to write and design many of beautiful and heritage show.


  • Hand work course

This course give children a chance to release their creativity where through this course , they can recycle products and produce things that provide gifts for the family in its life and using it in decoration.


Advanced painting courses:

A specialized course in drawing where participants learn how to draw with different oil and acrylic colors and how to color well and show the important aspects in each portrait and having beautiful portraits with attractive look in addition to train children on the( Manela ) Art and appear the meaning of each portrait  and organizing many of art exhibitions.


Third: computer and IT field

Alwea'am center organized many of specialized courses in computer and IT for all age categories throughout the year.

  • Beginner course in computer

In order to rise the knowledge of children in contemporary technology , it is our duty to make them recognize information about computer and train them about its basics where they achieve complete knowledge about computer and starting to use computer and deal with it well.

  • Advanced course in a paint program

In order to complete the training process in computer and technology , we and children tried to transform the painting on paper to the computer screen and develop creativity in using colors and drawing lines and having portraits with technological nature.

  • Data security course

As a result of having huge development in technology and Internet and mother don't have enough time to watch her sons while playing on internet , so we have great duty toward mothers and directing them about how to watch her sons in educational way through this course to avoid having dangerous computer  problems.